“AGUSHEVI KONATSI” are an amazing architectural ensemble, included residences and agricultural buildings. It is situated in the Middle Part of the Rhodope Mountain Range, near the spring of the river Arda. Moreover, the complex is the biggest late medieval family palace in the Rhodope Mountain.

The beginning of its construction dated back around 1820 and it was finished in 1843. It has conserved a memory of Smolyan’s craftsman Haralampi Popovski. There are three constructed buildings on 2 decares. The buildings have a direct consecutive connection and they have also a total common constructed wall and a tower. Every building has its own yard, well and everything life needed things, each other independent one. The total area of the historical architectural complex “Agushevi Konatsi”, altogether with the yards, is 3 266, 00 m². These wonderful residence buildings have 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys. Two colours dominate in “Agushevi Kanatsi”: the snow white for painted walls and chimneys and dark brown for the old beams and gates. When you enter inside you can observe the wide balconies, the great number of windows and the cosy inside courts. Furthermore, to complete the fairy tale, there are some incredible traditional Rhodopean craftsmen things – a real treasure of fleecies, cloths, rugs and pottery.

The house and the yards are situated in complete harmony with the awesome Rhodopean nature. The face of the “Agushevi Kanatsi” is indeed turned towards the sunrise and to the southern direction with its full representation, uniqueness and beauty. The residence finishes with a circle tower, in which are some army places in the stone wall and on the top there is a small painted decorated room. The composition on the East wall is one of the greatest achievements in Bulgarian architectural design. On that outer space there are 5 rowed architectural elements: a tower, 2 bow-windows, a fire place and two wooden gates. All these elements create a unique feeling of well arangement and harmony, but during the process of restoration in the 1960s the fire pace had been removed.

Because of its extraordinary type very often “Agushevi Kanatsi” complex is compared to a late medieval palace without any analogue on the Balkan Peninsula.